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July 2011

I Love My Own Sexual Energy

I want to share a little secret that I have this week. I love my own sexual energy. Really. I totally accept and love it. My sexual energy makes me feel alive. You might even say I’m in love with my own sexual energy. It makes me smile. It makes me happy. It kinda makes me high.

The other night I was in a bar having a burger when the bartender and I began talking. I could tell that she’s a sensual, sexual woman and I was certain that she gets hit on by drunk guys a lot, so we just began talking about that. I was curious how her boyfriend deals with her energy and the attention she receives. She said, “not very well.” The subtext was that she felt totally ashamed of her sensual energy and her desires – and the fact that she gets hit on. She kept talking about being a good person – as if being sensual in anyway is bad. read more