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December 2012

Women are Figuring Out that They have Always had the Power

I have an idea. And I’m going to share it with you in a moment. But first, I want to talk about a change that I see happening in the myth of the female psyche.

The current myth is that open female sexuality is slutish. Most sex is evil. That menstrual blood is dirty. That a sexually expressed female is a whore. However, I’m noticing that a lot of younger girls are not buying it.

That’s because these myths are just scams, enacted by men to completely dominate and control female sexuality – to the point where they have even tricked women into policing
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Why The World Will NOT End In Your Lifetime – Guaranteed!

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. I’m balls deep in the cave writing my latest book. But I had to come out of the cave to make the most public statement I can make here on
Are you ready? The world will still be here on the 22nd of December 2012. It will also be here on the 1st of January 2013. And it will also be here a long after the people who make these empty predictions come and go.
It’s not that you won’t die. You will. So will I. The mistake we make is in thinking that the universe gives a shit about you and me. It doesn’t. We are not that important from a universal perspective. In fact, regardless of the lies we tell ourselves, we are not important at all – and I’m perfectly read more

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Useful Styles Of Finance Institutions AND Monetary Operations A monetary organization is known as an venture whose business and function is to always collect deposit looking at the visitors for safekeeping and invests them in loans, mortgages, leases, insurance, stocks and bonds procedures. A monetary exchange is any deal that involves being given or payment of income. Depositing financial wealth to produce a bank account, credit revenue using a bank and acquiring of services and goods are illustrations of economical trades. Over time, finance institutions and financial transactions have developed over time and new types currently being formed. These imaginative variations intention at improving the availability of finance institutions and alleviating the doing of personal orders. This scientific studies cardstock seeks to debate the numerous outstanding types of fiscal institutions and transactions. Impressive Different Types Of Loan Companies The most recent improvement of finance companies is the introduction of Islamic investment.

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As financial institutions engages in diversification of investment and transferring of risks, countries with citizens who are followers of Islam have offered a good financial market by introduction of Shariah compliant financial services. Islamic finance governed in the Shariah prohibits interest and speculation and directs that profit is be created from net income and provided sector associated risk. read more