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How to Produce a Reaction Paper

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Chakra Guide: How Chakras Influence Our Life



chakrasChakra system,in yogic and tantric traditions,works with the energies of our subtile body-meaning the non-physical and unseen energies that our body has. Depending on many teachings and traditions, our body has a lot of chakras but according to the Buddhist and Hindu teachings, our body has 7 major chakras. Each of the chakras has a different meaning and place in our body system and they affect many different issues in our life such as emotional health, mental health, vitality and spirituality. Blockage in each chakra energy stuck in every other chakra, or overactive chakra makes a blockage in another.


First Chakra(Muladhara): The 1st Chakra is the most masculine and physical chakra and and is represented by the element Earth and the color Red. It is located at the base of the spine and it it represents your foundation,family beliefs, safety and boundaries.Many of the family wounds and scars are located here,as well as early childhood memories and experiences. Most of the trust issues during relationships are actually stored in the first chakra due to inresolved past experiences.

Second Chakra(Swadhishthana): The 2nd Chakra is the most feminine chakra and is represented by the element Water and the color Orange. It is located below the navel in the pelvic area and it rules pleasure,enjoyment, money,purpose of life,connection and mostly creativity. Everything we create comes primarily from the Second Chakra. Being comfortable with our own emotions,sexuality and feelings is the major challenge of this chakra because of society conditioning and limits.

Third Chakra(Manipura): The 3rd Chakra is located in the navel area,is represented by the element Fire and the color Yellow.It governs our warrior energy,our personal power and self-esteem. When we follow our life purpose without a doubt,we have a strong third chakra. Setting goals,deadlines and desires and working towards them with small steps every day fuels the energy in this chakra.

Fourth Chakra(Anahata):The 4th Chakra is located exactly in the middle between the 7 chakras and its place is at the center of the chest near the heart. This chakra is the Heart chakra and is represented by the element Air and the color Green.The ability to love,passion,understanding,forgiveness and unconditional love comes from this chakra. When we let go of past experiences that hurt us,we let go of fear and ignorance and we open ourselves to love and beautiful life.

Fifth Chakra(Vishuddha):The 5th Chakra is located at the neck and the throat and is related to hearing and speaking your Truth. Its element is sound and the color is Blue. Not being able to be true to ourselves and not speaking our truth are the major challenges in this chakra.When this chakra is in order there somes a mutual communication,being truthful and authentic and we are responsible and we take care of our needs.

Sixth Chakra(Ajna):The 6th Chakra is located between the two eyebrows in the third eye region,the element is all the elements combined(light)and the color is indigo. The sixth chakra governs intuition,telepathy and inner world. The place of the sixth chakra is also the place of meeting of the two hemispheres of the brain and seeing the both outer and the inner world and we not also see with our eyes but we also understand.

Seventh Chakra(Sahasrara): The 7th Chakra is located at the top of the head and is called the Crown Chakra. There is no element or thought in this chakra and the color is white/violet. This chakra helps us understand that everything in the cosmos is connected and when it is balanced it gives us feeling of peace,awareness and understanding toward every life force in this world.The main challenge in this chakra is the balance of life-being open to spirit but also being rooted in matter.

Recommendations on Writing a Cover Letter While Returning to Staff

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Tips about How to Stay Sorted in the Workplace

Occasionally selecting an essay subject will be of producing a paper, the most easy section; because writers occasionally do not know how to begin, which could simply be. When one feels like he has "authoris stop," one start generating suggestions might be here helped by the techniques. Freewriting Freewriting is a superb solution to examine one’s subconscious and probe one’s brain for ideas. It’s a method wherein twenty units whichever concerns brain are just written for by one. read more

How Espresso Interferes With Reducing Weight

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How to Improve Skills for Sixth-Graders

A notification of endorsement or perhaps a research page is one that is wanted by someone who is currently checking the skills of anyone whom the page commends. The page is generally requested for each time an individual both delivers in his software for reports that were further or applies for a work. According to the format of the recommendation notification, the writer of the letter is usually anticipated to measure features the faculties, and capabilities of the one who is being advised. read more

College Support for the Over 50 Audience

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How to Release An Investigation Paper

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May you maybe compose your university dissertation, with 10,000 words, in weekly? Yes you’re able to nevertheless it wont be easy. You should possess a reliable plan that can enable your dissertation to be completed by you and ensure your accomplishment. You’ll want noticed given that you cant afford to hesitate anymore. Thus, it is not beseeching to have a plan that can function and also you and it must stick together. Therefore, lets observe what has to be performed and what your strategy should be: What’s to be Completed? read more