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August 2016

OM016 The Authenticity Delusion

authenticity delusion

Photo by: Peter Lindbergh

The Authenticity Delusion

The Authentic self is a modern day delusion, a twisted, shame and blame based reality for a supposedly conscious new world.

The delusion of authenticity comes from philosophy. According to Rousseau, authenticity is derived from the natural self whereas inauthenticity is a result of external influences. The existential philosopher, Martin Heidegger 1889 to 1976 said that authenticity is choosing the nature of one’s own existence and identity.

Basically, Heidegger’s physical bullshit is really the root of the problem. Those ideas were stolen by Werner Erhard. He was one of the first people who stole and popularized this delusion of authenticity, as if authenticity was an actual thing. Something to be achieved. This idea of authenticity is a standard game one struggle of this over that.

Authenticity is killing us as a culture, strangling us to death in minutia and impossible tasks. In this episode I present the rosetta stone of understanding authenticity. After this episode, you will be armed. So the buck stops here.

OM015 YouTube Sex Educator Adina Rivers On Owning Your Own Pussy

adinaYouTube Sex Educator Adina Rivers On Owning Your Own Pussy

Life is short and to be lived.  This is the philosophy of Adina Rivers, who makes wild videos about sex, love & the love of life!  She sees her work as being an inspiration to become the greatest versions of ourselves… which also means she also shares all of her little secrets to magical sex, life-changing love and a life full of wonders and unicorns.

You can find Adina’s YouTube channel HERE