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September 2016

OM018 Guest Cheryl Good Relax Your Ass And Other Spiritual Wisdom


Guest Cheryl Good Relax Your Ass And Other Spiritual Wisdom

My friend and co-worker Cheryl Good talks about her sexual/spiritual evolution and her journey to a sexually empowered life. In this episode, we explore:

vulnerability as a human currency
the sweetness of power
the spiritual secret of relaxing your ass
we ask the big question: what do you want
we explore living in flow state and breath as a way into release
the secret of being kind to ourselves
the reality of knowing that you will never not be triggered…
sex as the bonding chemical
the power of your internal yes or no and know
and a lot more.
You can find out more about Cheryl’s offerings at

OM017 – The 4 Boxes for Women

whatsreallygoingonThe 4 Boxes for Women

The 4 Boxes for Women is a concept that came to me as I’ve been digesting what it is like to be a female bodied human in 2016. It’s as complicated as ever. In some ways, we are more open as a society. Sex and sexual pressure is everywhere. But we don’t want our wives, sisters, girlfriends and daughters to fall prey to social-sexual pressure. “Our women” (whatever the specific group is) should be, and are, different.

And all  our mythologies about women and our down right hatred of women still apply for women around the world. Women are expected to sacrifice. Women are expected to submit. If a woman is to loud, she’s “a bitch” or “bossy.”

The perfect number of sex partners for a woman is 3. Not too many, not too few. 3. And then there’s the slut line, quickly followed by the whore line. The boxes are distinctions that I have witnessed in my coaching practice. It’s universal and devastating to our culture.

These boxes for women are holding our culture back in shame, guilt and sexual negativity and “unnaturalness.” I have heard so many female bodied friends and students call themselves “dirty” and “broken.”

For me, it’s a nightmare. That is what this podcast is all about.