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OM019 Guest Susan Bratton The Sexually Optimized Mind and Pussy Power

OM019 Guest Susan Bratton The Sexually Optimized Mind








This incredible episode is about pussy power.

How to separate sex from sexual pleasure.
The power of yoni pleasure.
The power of a happy pussy.
Understanding sex energy
Discovering the bullseye touch technique..
What is the key to female orgasm?
The Power of the smiling cock and the smiling pussy.
Learning to close the want gap.
This conversation is chock full of amazing gems for you…
Giving your desires full permission and understanding
about what’s even possible.
Find out more about Susan Bratton’s work at www.personallifemedia.com –
there are thousands of free articles and beautiful information
to help you on your journey.

OM018 Guest Cheryl Good Relax Your Ass And Other Spiritual Wisdom


Guest Cheryl Good Relax Your Ass And Other Spiritual Wisdom

My friend and co-worker Cheryl Good talks about her sexual/spiritual evolution and her journey to a sexually empowered life. In this episode, we explore:

vulnerability as a human currency
the sweetness of power
the spiritual secret of relaxing your ass
we ask the big question: what do you want
we explore living in flow state and breath as a way into release
the secret of being kind to ourselves
the reality of knowing that you will never not be triggered…
sex as the bonding chemical
the power of your internal yes or no and know
and a lot more.
You can find out more about Cheryl’s offerings at

OM010-Inbetweenasode – A Meditation on Love, Transformation and Ecstasy

Art-Museum (1)

A Meditation on Love, Transformation and Ecstasy

In this episode, I want to give you a bit of a break before we go full on into the wildness of the next two episodes.  This podcast contains my meditation on Love, transformation and ecstasy. It’s from my archives and is one of my favorites. CTFO and enjoy!!!

OM009-On Cults and One Taste Orgasmic Meditation For Everybody

Cults and One Taste Orgasmic Meditation

Rub The Little pearl THIS ONE WAY Only

On Cults and One Taste Orgasmic Meditation For Everybody

In this episode we begin by discussing that the world is NOT a mess, but rather is a reflection of an UNOPTIMIZED human brain. We take a look at politics for a moment – and how politics and the quest for the US Presidency is really an exploration of how our ancient brain actually works. Seeing clearly gives us the super power of actually understanding what life is really about.

So much of what we will be talking about with Sex Cults specifically, come from ideas made up by this guy, Nikola Tesla. He had ideas about Orgone – orgasmic energy – as the answer to the ills of life… His cute, but made up ideas, are still taught by sex cults worldwide.



I will also interview Ruwando. He’s a friend I met on a trip to New York City 3 years ago. A friend of mine absolutely begged me to learn how to rub a clitoris “the right way” – the One Taste way. So, for the better part of a day, I paid to learn to rub a vagina. And I was “trained” by Ruwando. He seemed like a super sweet young guy – who joined the cult – eyes wide open, to learn how to be more comfortable with women sexually, to improve his confidence and to overcome his early onset ED.

During our training, I hinted to him that I was not a true believer in One Taste or any organization – and that if he wanted to ever chat with me about that, he could.
Recently in New York City, on a break from a workshop I was leading, I had Ruwan over to my childhood home so we could talk about the fragility of the human mind and the virus of ideas that spread without critical thought.

Since leaving One Taste, Ruwando has been doing his own thing, including his own podcast, coaching people on what he learned, acting and writing movies, and writing articles and blogs.
You can find out more about Ruwan here.

Ruwando graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Buffalo where he studied Operations and Game Theory. He’s a certified Coach and OM Meditation Instructor and He’s been published in numerous publications. He also make films and does improv theater, and is an avid Qi Gong practitioner.

He is forever seeking the experience of Quality, in himself and others.

Here’s a link to the sexy meditation I mentioned in the show.

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