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OM028 The Power of The Blockchain with Griff Green of Giveth.io

The disruption of crypto currencies

The disruption of crypto currencies

OM028 The Power of The Block Chain with Griff Green Giveth.io

In this mega podcast (more like an epic-pod) Lawrence Lanoff, Co-Founder of TokenAI.io and Griff Green, Founder of Giveth.io discuss all things blockchain and the nature of value. Our intention in this pod is to stimulate your mind and body around the deep ideas regarding Ether, Bitcoin, blockchain, Giveth and AI. It’s a huge discussion, covering a lot of ground. But, I promise you, if you have any interest in the crypto currency boom, you will want to dig deeply into this podcast. In it, we discuss the power of community and the gifting economy, which is part of the future of money.

When we can literally create currencies at the push of a button, what changes occur in the world?

You can find out about Griff project here www.giveth.io

You can find out more about AI and the blockchain here www.tokenAI.io

I trust this podcast will help your mind catch fire with the power of crypto currencies to disrupt the future of money.

OM027 The Delusion of Climate Change Denial

Episode: The Delusion of Climate Change Denial

Climate change is real. So is denial. What happens when we mix the worst of climate change with the worst of denial? President Trump and the head of the EPA.  Belief over science if how it is right now. And the narcissistic belief in belief is the huge challenge for the human brain.

The biggest mistake we make is that we believe in our beliefs – not considering the possibility that we could be wrong. However, if we also believe in heaven, then what happens here on earth is truly irrelevant. That’s the delusion and collusion of so many religions But what if there is not heaven. What if that idea is just plain incorrect? The challenge of the true believer is that the true believer doesn’t consider the possibility that he or she could be wrong. And in the case of climate change, even wronger than wrong.

This podcast is an exploration of this idea….

OM026 If Everybody is Fucked Up Then Maybe Fucked Up Isn’t A Thing

In this episode of The Optimized Mind – I ask a simple question: if, you know, “everybody’s fucked up” – which is the trite wisdom of religion and spirituality – then maybe fucked up isn’t actually a thing.

In this first episode of season two of The Optimized Mind, I get curious about this idea. I get tired of cartoon explanations and justifications for shitty behaviors.

Honestly, I’m not interested in calling you on “your shit.” I don’t think there is such a thing. The reference point of some idyllic life where we are “fully present” and beyond our shit – this is just the mythical land of Oz.

It’s nothing. Looking for somebody who supposedly isn’t fucked up is ridiculous. Like trying to find the Yetti. Or the Loch Ness Monster.  These are not actual things. So if everybody is fucked up… then fucked up is normal, which means it isn’t fucked up at all… I’ll let you do the math on this one…

Enjoy the show. Please feel free to reach out if you have suggestions for future shows.


OM024 The Power of Positive Thinking and Understanding The Nonsensical World Of President Trump







President Trump Has Not Lost His Critical Thinking Mind. He Never Developed One.

He didn’t have to.

How cults and religions influence the presidency in general and Trump specifically.

In this episode, I offer my listeners a frame in which to understand the seemingly endless flow of

nonsense that is and will continue to be the Presidency of Donald Trump. If you don’t understand

this simple concept, you will never be able to figure out what our president will do next.

But, if you do understand this, a lot more things will make sense.

Welcome to the amalgamation of New Age Religion and State.








President Trump and Ivana with Norman Vincent Peale and his wife.  Norman Vincent Peale,

and his power of positive thinking is at the core of Donald J. Trump’s personality.

Let’s explore more, shall we?

OM023 The World According To Fuck

The World According To Fuck


In my opinion – there’s a load of spiritual

bait out there that captures our attention.

It’s a waste of our time.

Because, if you ask the incorrect question,

it’s nearly impossible to arrive at the right answer.

This is my short treatise on the world according to FUCK.

OM022 Why Do People Have Affairs

Why Do People Have Affairs?










In this episode, Lawrence Lanoff and Karina Velasco have some straight talk about

the myth of cheating.

It’s a powerful episode that will help you organize your mind

regarding how you think about love and relationships.

Since Karina Mentioned it in the show, I’m also

including a LINK to my sexual breathing youtube video.

I hope this episode changes your mind a bit – regardless of what

you believe.

OM021 How Osama Bin Laden Voted For Donald Trump From His Grave

osama bin laden votes for president-trump

How Bin Laden Voted Trump From The Grave.

Donald Trump Tapped into Our Deep Sense of Feeling Lost, Hopeless, Fearful & Uncertain

So did Osama Bin Laden.

In this edgy episode, I invite you to think differently about how we are where we are…

and how something as simple as a tiny little conspiracy can

be a slippery slope towards feeling completely helpless, angry, isolated and xenophobic.

Though I refer to the “white guy” in this episode, it’s really more of a metaphor of

entitled, close minded thinking.

I think it’s an amazing episode personally, and I invite you to come on a difficult journey.

It will probably piss you off… but you are worth pissing off…

In reality, I hope this episode makes you think a bit differently and step out of the games

into a clear frame of reference.

Also, I am including a link to the original blog that this podcast is based on.

OM020 Guest Danny O’Neill – The Election Cycle

danny-oneill The Optimized Mind Podcast

OM020 Guest Danny O’Neill – The Election Cycle

In this episode I speak with sex positive pundit, entrepreneur and social activist, Danny O’Neill.

My intention in this episode is to give the younger generation a perspective on this

crazy election cycle.  I believe there is hope and I wanted to share that hope in

a broader social perspective – all the way back to the 1960’s.

I am an optimist and I believe in a better future… to a point.

Are we at that point?

That’s the point of my having Danny on the show.


OM019 Guest Susan Bratton The Sexually Optimized Mind and Pussy Power

OM019 Guest Susan Bratton The Sexually Optimized Mind








This incredible episode is about pussy power.

How to separate sex from sexual pleasure.
The power of yoni pleasure.
The power of a happy pussy.
Understanding sex energy
Discovering the bullseye touch technique..
What is the key to female orgasm?
The Power of the smiling cock and the smiling pussy.
Learning to close the want gap.
This conversation is chock full of amazing gems for you…
Giving your desires full permission and understanding
about what’s even possible.
Find out more about Susan Bratton’s work at www.personallifemedia.com –
there are thousands of free articles and beautiful information
to help you on your journey.

OM018 Guest Cheryl Good Relax Your Ass And Other Spiritual Wisdom


Guest Cheryl Good Relax Your Ass And Other Spiritual Wisdom

My friend and co-worker Cheryl Good talks about her sexual/spiritual evolution and her journey to a sexually empowered life. In this episode, we explore:

vulnerability as a human currency
the sweetness of power
the spiritual secret of relaxing your ass
we ask the big question: what do you want
we explore living in flow state and breath as a way into release
the secret of being kind to ourselves
the reality of knowing that you will never not be triggered…
sex as the bonding chemical
the power of your internal yes or no and know
and a lot more.
You can find out more about Cheryl’s offerings at