I can sit here and try to explain what working with Lawrence is like, but here’s the thing: it won’t make sense. If I was in your shoes, I would think, “well, that sounds pretentious.” I know it does, but its one of those few times where this is true. What Lawrence teaches you will take you further and deeper than you currently know is possible. If you are all in, like I was, it will change your life. “How will it change my life?” you ask. Well, I could tell you about my increased income, my ridiculous sex life, the love I’m surrounded with everyday, how I feel good all of the time, the incredible relationship I have with my daughter, or the power I command in a room, but thats all low hanging fruit. What I’m going to tell you is simple…its so EASY. Its fucking easy to do all of those things and more. My life is better than ever and easier than ever. Its. Fucking. Beautiful. If you every get a chance to speak with me, ask me to tell you a few stories about my recent adventures. Its like reading fiction. I’m living my fantasies. This is what is possible.

NH, Washington, DC