Increasing the Frequency of Pleasure Increases Our Sense of Well-Being & Decreases Stress

  • December 24, 2013

Americans seek out sex in early summer and Christmas, according to a new study published this month in the Archives of Sexual Behavior. The study investigates seasonal trends in Google keyword searches, indicating 6-month cycles in America’s desire for sex.

The study’s results complement past research showing similar 6-month cycles in STI transmission, condom sales and abortions.

What’s most exciting about this report is that researchers used real time data to detect changes in sexual appetite based on keyword searches at specific points in time. They hope this type of research will lead to early detection of trends that allow for public information campaigns, on condom use for example, to coincide with hidden sex cycles.

I love the idea, but the research also leaves me feeling sad that Americans are seeking out sex in predictable 6-month cycles. It tells me that the Puritan work ethic still runs strong, leaving us little time for the simple things that we so want and desire. It’s easy to get caught in the demands of life, losing touch with the reason we work as hard as we do in the first place: free time. And free time is an essential factor in our ability to have more frequent pleasurable life experiences – including sex.

The bottom line? I’m all for seeking out real world trends in Google keywords. However we also need to increase our focus on fabulous friction frequency. Increasing the frequency of pleasure increases our sense of well-being and decreases stress – and that’s worth experiencing more than every 6-months.