OM012-Karina Velasco On The Suppression of Women and Psychological Clitorectomies Part 2

  • June 23, 2016

Karina Velasco On The Suppression of Women and Psychological Clitorectomies PART 2

Karina Velasco In this episode, Karina Velasco has an open discussion with me about cults, catholicism (the mega cult of The Pope), and what the true purpose of God is (trust me on this, you’ve never heard this idea before).

We explore how spiritual disciplines are really forms of manipulation to constantly trigger dis-regulation in you. This way you constantly feel the feelings of blame, shame, guilt and fear. As well as the use of the fear tool of exclusion from the group… that creates profound social pressure – so that you experience deep loneliness and abandonment – with no support or people who “get it.” If you are excluded, it’s essentially the group’s banishing of you to hell until you either redeem yourself and get with the program, or live a life lonely and alone.

We discuss why thinking good thoughts can create more harm than benefit and why humans need sex – and what would happen if we really followed religious and spiritual ideals as a species. Because, without sex, we don’t exist.

So religion and spirituality tries to interrupt the most natural processes in the world. Yet spiritual practices  have taught us to disconnect from our sexuality.

This episode is not for the feint of heart. It’s raw. We are talking harsh reality here… so if you want to keep your childhood beliefs intact – please avoid listening. That being said, if you want to upgrade your mind to the reality of reality and optimize around that… then you are listening to the perfect episode.

I love talking about the ways women have been suppressed by religion, spirituality and common codified religious thinking. Religion keeps women down. Sometimes I wonder why religion hates women so much. But I can’t exactly know, but I do know, with simple thought experiments, we can get pretty close. Maybe. You decide.

Because it was such a long conversation, I have divided this episode into two parts… We needed to take a break, because while we were recording because it got pretty intense.

I love intense. Intense is a beautiful thing. But it’s also, well, intense.

As promised, this is a photo of us recording on location.

The Sexual Suppression of WomenKarina Velasco