OM024 The Power of Positive Thinking and Understanding The Nonsensical World Of President Trump

  • January 22, 2017







President Trump Has Not Lost His Critical Thinking Mind. He Never Developed One.

He didn’t have to.

How cults and religions influence the presidency in general and Trump specifically.

In this episode, I offer my listeners a frame in which to understand the seemingly endless flow of

nonsense that is and will continue to be the Presidency of Donald Trump. If you don’t understand

this simple concept, you will never be able to figure out what our president will do next.

But, if you do understand this, a lot more things will make sense.

Welcome to the amalgamation of New Age Religion and State.








President Trump and Ivana with Norman Vincent Peale and his wife.  Norman Vincent Peale,

and his power of positive thinking is at the core of Donald J. Trump’s personality.

Let’s explore more, shall we?