Beauty Starts In The Face.

My Essence Moisturizer will Protect Your Skin. Naturally.

Sherry Lane Cosmetics Bottle

Sherry Lane Cosmetics Bottle

My  Essence Moisturizer – Hand Crafted In Small Batches.

4oz 45.00 + Shipping

2oz 25.00 + Shipping

“Can I just say how impressed I am in your product.  I didn’t think I would ever find anything like it  again- but your have done it- it is wonderful. I have just ordered some more!! ”       Sandra B. UK

Sherry Lane, Inventor



Sherry Lane Cosmetics Are Recognized By Beauty Experts As An Industry Leader!

“If you loved Charles of the Ritz, Revenescence Moisturizer, you will love Sherry Lane Cosmetics.”

Sherry’s Cosmetic Guarantee: If you are not 100% satisfied with our products, we will give you a full, no questions asked refund.
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Natural Essence Gift Trio Package. Includes Natural Essence Face Moisturizer, 2oz. Timeless Night Cream, 2 oz and 1-Natural Essence Cheek Blush

55.00 + Shipping

Timeless Night Cream Compare to Charles of the Ritz, Revenescence-4oz

45.00 + Shipping

Timeless Night Cream Compare to Charles of the Ritz, Revenescence-2oz

25.00 + Shipping

Natural Essence Ritz Cheek Blush

15.00 + Shipping