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OM004-meditation on death life and the universe

life and deathThis is a live meditation that I led in Calgary early this year. The meditation is intended to take you out of a state of self importance and narcissism – which is really a major cause or falling behind in our culture. Self centeredness is truly destructive to love, intimacy and sex.

Sit back, relax and make your body super comfortable. Relax and let go.

OM002-Your Symbolic Brain

Your Symbolic Brain

Welcome to an explanation of your symbolic brain. This podcast was recorded immediately after waking up from a dream where I was speaking to over 1 million people about this idea. We literally will be unable to evolve as a functional society, until we understand the remarkable power of the symbolic brain.

Click below to listen right now…

OM001-Podcast Season Intro

The Optimized MindThis episode is an overview of what I intend to do with the arch of each season. It also described how you can discover how to optimize your own mind.

Each brain is as unique as a the individual.

If YOU are interested in life coaching, you can contact me here

Sex is Not to be Transcended Nor Overcome

I’ve had a very busy month as far as PSLS (personal sexual liberation sessions) go. This week I did some work with a young woman who was suffering from childhood sexual trauma.

Here’s what happened. I noticed that of the read more

Truth is Neither Universal Nor Absolute; It’s Cultural

Some things just outrage me. Yesterday, on NPR, I heard a 12 year old talk about why she thought “illegals” should be turned away from the US borders. She spoke about how these bad people were bringing drugs and disease into our country.

What blew my mind is that she said she thought the children should be sent home, or “better yet, put in jail.” And what’s particularly disturbing is that, many of the children coming to the US seeking asylum, are her age or younger.
A 12 year old, espousing the conservative company line, is particularly uncomfortable because it gets to the heart of why 12 year olds, living in war torn countries, are given guns and told to go “kill the bad people” to begin with. A 12 year old brain lacks the ability to think critically, so they get guns because they unquestioningly do what they’re told.
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Top Ten Touch Skills – For Men To Learn

I’m leading a “Perfect Touch Mindset” seminar next weekend for men. The workshop is about helping men with the mindset necessary for improving their touch skills. When we can learn to touch another human being from our authenticity – in touch with our own true desires – while focusing our partner’s wants, needs and desires it’s magic. read more

The Secret to a Quiet Mind is Pleasure, Bliss, & Orgasm

I’m a published author of a self help book, so lots of people ask me deep questions about the meaning of life. I’m always taken aback by the sincerity of the questioners. Today, for example, I was working with a friend, and he said to me, “ I have no idea who I am, inside,” with great sadness. read more