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OM004-meditation on death life and the universe

life and deathThis is a live meditation that I led in Calgary early this year. The meditation is intended to take you out of a state of self importance and narcissism – which is really a major cause or falling behind in our culture. Self centeredness is truly destructive to love, intimacy and sex.

Sit back, relax and make your body super comfortable. Relax and let go.

Truth is Neither Universal Nor Absolute; It’s Cultural

Some things just outrage me. Yesterday, on NPR, I heard a 12 year old talk about why she thought “illegals” should be turned away from the US borders. She spoke about how these bad people were bringing drugs and disease into our country.

What blew my mind is that she said she thought the children should be sent home, or “better yet, put in jail.” And what’s particularly disturbing is that, many of the children coming to the US seeking asylum, are her age or younger.
A 12 year old, espousing the conservative company line, is particularly uncomfortable because it gets to the heart of why 12 year olds, living in war torn countries, are given guns and told to go “kill the bad people” to begin with. A 12 year old brain lacks the ability to think critically, so they get guns because they unquestioningly do what they’re told.
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Who Am I? A New Take On An Old Question

Who Am I is a question that can be used to lead you to mythological liberation – or into pain, suffering and self abuse. It’s up to you. This is a new take on an old question!

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Ask 100 People What God is & We Will Get 100 Different Answers

A friend of mine once said that the only way to get massive amounts of sexual access to women, with limited strings attached, is to start a cult.

I had to laugh, because in my experience, that’s exactly right.

I’ve known, worked with, and been friends with quite a few cult leaders over the years. Most of them don’t even realize they are cult leaders. All of them believe they are doing “God’s” work.

Perhaps the most dangerous of all the beliefs that cults operate from is
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Empowering Ourselves to have Better Sex Through Better Communication

I’m just back from teaching in Toronto where my friends and sex educators Reid Mihalko, Monique Darling and me taught a weekend training on Energy Sex. The weekend was incredible, but I personally had a breakthrough that I want to share about the power of sexual communication.

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Why a Relationship Can Turn Abusive

Have you ever been around somebody who is criticizing you a lot? especially in a relationship? If you are like most people, this is very disturbing to your sense of well being. Why? Because when somebody points out something that we did wrong, they are generally pointing out something that is completely outside of our awareness.

It’s easy to do. New research in neuroscience is shedding light on how and why a relationship can quickly turn abusive. Consider: our senses are read more

Top 5 Relationship Myths

With tears tumbling, we comforted our kitty gently, thanking her for the love she brought us as life slipped away from her frail, tired body. My girlfriend and I have been dealing with the loss of Sydney for a week now.

Trauma has the potential to destroy intimate connections and we have both been acutely aware of this. To ease our minds, and help diminish the effects of stress, we hiked a lot. On one particular hike though, we argued over a misunderstanding we had. We quickly resolved the conflict, but it made me think about the most common myths and misperceptions that we have regarding relationships. read more