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Perfection Is A Made Up Story

We can be our own worst critics. Not only is it true, but recent studies also show that being hyper-critical of ourselves is also detrimental to our health.
So now I’m going to let you in on a secret. My biggest spiritual insight over the last decade was realizing the value and importance of self compassion. There’s a lot of psudo spiritual talk in our culture about granting others compassion and non-judgementalness – but what about self-compassion? read more

F*ck Them All & Let the Sperm Fight it Out

Historically, humans have always been “unfaithful.” However, the idea of unfaithful vs faithful is a religious myth, designed to help ensure paternity. The myth of the unfaithful pressures the emotional centers of the brain, and makes us feel ashamed, guilty, afraid of our sexuality.
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What is “Cheating” Anyway?

“Why did you break up with her?” I asked my friend over a beer. “I found out she was cheating on me,” he said in total disgust.

It’s a common story. Ashton’s affair and subsequent divorce has been all over the tabloids lately. But what is cheating anyway? And why do we care?

For most people, cheating has a standard read more