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  • December 19, 2016

The TantraXO Explosively Empowered Pleasure Practitioner Certification Training For Women SEDONA, AZ JAN 27-29 2017]












[ATTENTION: How to Feel Empowered (in the face of the world telling you that you are broken) –

The TantraXO Explosively Empowered Pleasure Practitioner Certification Training For Women SEDONA, AZ JAN 27-29 2017

Feeling Broken Sucks. Feeling Like YOU are doing something wrong, simply for being a woman.

And it’s one of the most common complaints I hear from women.

As well as debilitating questions like: What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I meet a partner?

Why can’t I orgasm with a partner? Are sex toys “desensitizing my vagina.”

It’s the worst cycle ever.

These questions loop endlessly. They are debilitating and confusing. Frustrating.

But locked within the confusion and frustration is tremendous power.

Yet, finding a way to unlock that power – without shame, guilt, blame, or more confusion is the challenge.

Specifically when it comes to decoding female sexuality – which is at the core of this class.

Female sexuality is so powerful, it has the world concerned with your vagina. Everybody. But why?

And no wonder there’s so much confusion with the mixed messages.

Women hating their bodies and having no idea why. It’s horrifying.

I heard an 19 year old girl talking about lip injections, botox and fat suction for her thighs. WTF is going on?

And worse, often times, the journey to heal takes us to even MORE TREACHEROUS waters.

So you take your most tender, broken parts to people who wield emotional sledgehammers. Who shame you for being emotional. Or healers who tell you your broken and “F#$%^%$” up.

Your not “broken” – no matter some “spiritual” person says.

Or your inner voices are telling you negative things about your body, your vagina

or your sexuality, regardless of how broken and [email protected]$%^ up you feel deep inside.

This is why I’m leading my Explosively Empowered Pleasure Practitioner Training – For Women.

The goal of my training is to give you powerful new ideas – to plant deep seeds that will rock and transform your reality. About sex. About Trauma. About your lineage of and family history.

To put your life as a female bodied human in a much greater context. A context that will prove to you – you are not crazy for being YOU.

To help you discover the generations that have brought you to where you are today.

You can’t know what you don’t know – until you know. And then, You KNOW!


None of this makes sense without understanding the deepest mechanisms of the human mind and human sexuality.

Female sexuality, specifically. The politics of female sexuality.

I want to help you start the New Year with the tools,

flexibility and resiliency to thrive as a Expansively Empowered Pleasure Practitioner in 2017.

I want you to begin your New Year with Clarity and direction. I want to help you get unstuck and unfrozen.

I want to turn those feelings of hatred, helplessness and confusion into Explosive Empowerment. And More Pleasure. Much more pleasure.

The reality is: The entire world loses because of our ignorance and fear of female sexuality.

But woman lose even more by engaging in the mental gymnastics of
hating their bodies, hating their vaginas, lacking the ability to speak about sex, pleasure and desire.

The goal of the Explosively Empowered Pleasure Practitioner – TantraXO certification training – is to offer female students
and professionals alike – a powerful new idea about women, sex, pleasure and empowerment.

A framework of modern brain science and some incredible tantric pleasure practices.

Power tool that’s will offer a precise understanding about where you,
and your students (who are coming to YOU for help) are coming from in their lives.

It’s like x-ray vision into clarity and reality. A roadmap to unwind sexual shame.

Once you know, you can’t un-know; Once you have seen, you can’t un-see.

So, although it’s a Explosively Empowered Pleasure Practitioner certification training, it’s also

A journey of personal transformation and change.

Because being any kind of healer or helper, if you do not understand the underlying causes of hatred towards women,
you will likely end up as a wounded healer, trying to help other’s and not having a clue why your own life is so confused.

Being a suffering martyr-savior trying to save the world – sucks. For everyone.

The Explosively Empowered Pleasure Practitioner Certification TRAINING covers subjects including:

Decoding the cultural fear of women.
Reclaiming Your Sexually Empowered Birthright (You’ve been taught to be afraid of your body your whole life)

Understanding the cause of Body Shame and trauma,
And Releasing and Integrating Body Shame,

Turning On and Expanding Into Full Sexual Power, (There’s No Point In Having A Tesla if you don’t know how to drive it)

Awakening The Energetic Womb (this will show you how to consume energy instead of being consumed by energy)

So many women walk around being negatively affected by energy.

This training will teach you exactly how to
be anywhere on planet earth and be able to stand in your power.
Cultivating Shame and Guilt Free Communications (starting in YOUR Own Head First)

We will also explore:
The power of ritual
The power of listening
The power of instant healing
We will focus on body sensing,
Energy tracking (this is the x-ray vision part of the training)
The power of body shift

And so much more.

I’ll also be teaching Energetic Yoni massage
and Energetic Lingam massage.

This 3 day training is packed with only my best materials that I have cultivated over the last 25 years of teaching, coaching and counseling.

The investment in your training (I use the word investment because all training is investment in ourselves and our future) is 1997.00 and will include a certification of completion.


There are only 12 seats (more like back-jacks) and 6 are already claimed. Please message me directly if you are deeply interested and what I’m saying is speaking to something inside of you and you want to join us in Sedona, AZ January 27-29, 2017.

What others are saying:
“I was blown away by your workshop. This is the kind of work that is exactly what I have been wanting to get into. Thank you for the raw and radical empowerment.”

“I did your training (and I’ve done a lot of tantric trainings) and I feel like this is the first REAL training I have ever done.”

“Transformation. Lawrence. That’s what you do.
It’s hard to explain transformation, but I’ll give it a shot.
Transformation is when nothing changes – yet everything changes. Forever. From Inside. That’s the power of your transformational trainings. It’s like f&*$%^ magic.”

I’m excited to have you come join us!!!!!!!!