Without F*ck There is No Love

  • July 28, 2012

People say the world is all about love, the universe is made of love, love is the answer to all things, and all you need is love.

I think that’s a lot of bullshit myself. Love is a very confusing metaphor that awkwardly hides people’s true motivations.

You see, the world, at its core, is not about love. The world is about fuck. Without fuck, there is no love. Without fuck, there is no sentient life. If we had a planet of people who only loved from their hearts, without the sex, there would be no people.

As we learn to embrace life from the context of fuck, there would be a lot less confusion about reality. Religion would lose its grip on people’s minds. We would no longer believe in a god who hates, moralizes, punishes us regarding the very thing that keeps life going.

By understanding fuck, we would naturally understand people’s “hidden” motivations.

There wouldn’t be a question about why he or she is talking to me. We talk to, listen to, hang out with and follow people we are attracted to, who if given the chance, we might fuck, We could drop all the shaming, blaming, guilting perspectives we currently have regarding sex, because fuck would be the baseline of obviousness.

Love is delicious and necessary to happiness and fulfillment, but fuck is essential to life.