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April 2010

Someday Soon We will Achieve Genital Liberation

At some point, we will profoundly alter our brains regarding our experience of sexuality.

Currently we are living in the dark ages concerning sex. We continue to desperately hold ancient religious and biblical beliefs as our sexual guideposts.

However, whether it’s in the next 100 years or 1,000 years,
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Jesus Will Protect Your Vagina Just as Long as You’re Good Girls

A friend just died of cervical cancer at age 37 because she never went for an annual pelvic exam.

Granted, pelvic exams are no fun, but then there is the additional shame factor, that icky feeling in the pit of the stomach when something dirty or “bad” is happening to us.

When we’re told by the doctor to open our mouths, and stick out our tongues, it’s no problem. There is little morality and shame associated with the mouth. However, If we are told open our legs and stick out our clits, well for many of us, that’s a completely different story.
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