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May 2012

We Can Wander, Walk, Soak, Dance, Eat, Play in Total Nakedness

When we roll off the main road, it’s like entering a desert wonderland. Within an hour we are in another world. One inhabited by joshua trees, African mules and tiny desert creatures. Skies of blue and wisps of white dance overhead. We’ve been coming to this quiet paradise for years.

The road to paradise is hard. Really hard. It takes 3 hours to go 40 miles. When we finally crest read more

Porn is One of the Universal Languages

This week, I sat down with award winning porn editor Rhonda Ovalman. She’s 24 years old and openly loves the industry. Rhonda is part of a generation that has grown up with porn.

Here’s the cool part: When Rhonda thinks about porn, she thinks about making the world a better place. She said that she can’t imagine reaching a larger demographic than the people who watch porn.

Then I had an aha moment. Porn is one of the universal languages, which means it has tremendous power. Because of easy access to technology, she believes that porn will evolve and expand over the coming decades. Porn, she says, is begging for transformation.
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