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July 2012

Without F*ck There is No Love

People say the world is all about love, the universe is made of love, love is the answer to all things, and all you need is love.

I think that’s a lot of bullshit myself. Love is a very confusing metaphor that awkwardly hides people’s true motivations.

You see, the world, at its core, is not about love. The world is about fuck. Without fuck, there is no love. Without fuck, there is no sentient life. If we had a planet of people who only loved from their hearts, without the sex, there would be no people. read more

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Piano movers in Chi town – if you want your piano to be really shifted, it is a must which you just buy qualified keyboard moving expertise as it needs and wants completely amount. read more

The Moment I Realized God Didn’t Give a Damn About My Genitals

This week, I have been in The South with my girlfriend, visiting her family. Both of us have discussed the copious amounts of judgmentalness and sexual repression that is so self-evident here.

Not from family and friends, but from strangers, people we don’t know and never will see again, who seem obsessed with the way we walk, talk, dress, and hold ourselves. “Y’all aren’t from here, are you?” is the most common question we get, spoken with a smug subtext of “Y’all are going to hell.” read more