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December 2013

Perfection Is A Made Up Story

We can be our own worst critics. Not only is it true, but recent studies also show that being hyper-critical of ourselves is also detrimental to our health.
So now I’m going to let you in on a secret. My biggest spiritual insight over the last decade was realizing the value and importance of self compassion. There’s a lot of psudo spiritual talk in our culture about granting others compassion and non-judgementalness – but what about self-compassion? read more

Is Bitcoin Good For Sex?

The recent rise of awareness of Bitcoin makes me wonder if Bitcoin is good for sex.

Having been involved in Bitcoin for the last 3 years or so, I can say unequivocally, Bitcoin is amazing for sex.

Here’s why. When we consider the U.S. dollar, what comes attached to it is a ton of emotion. Studies show that financial stress is a major player in relationship strife. Money conversations read more

Female Sexual Arousal

A new study conducted on heterosexual females shows that watching explicit porn awakens a different part of the brain other than the visual processor.

This is unusual because, under normal circumstances, when watching a regular movie for example, regions of the brain associated read more

How To Date Within Your Species

This blog is a further exploration of my last post about female sex drive.

My friend Reid and I were talking about sexual relationships, and he had a brilliant realization that he shared with me. He calls it ‘dating within your species’.

In intimate relationships, it’s important to get a reasonable match read more

No Amount of Reality Can Affect Our Deepest Held Beliefs Unless We Let It

I am an armchair scientist. My own brain, body and beliefs are my petri dishes.

So perhaps you can imagine why I have been perplexed by the bizarre issue of global warming. It’s been curious to my scientific brain as to how global warming denial has become a partisan, religious issue – an endless argument of unchanging, emotionally charged, entrenched beliefs. read more

New Study Shows Morality is a Brain Function – Time to Start Sinning ;)

We humans generally believe that there is a higher moral order of truth that exists in “the unseen world.” This is codified in our cultural ideas about invisible-moral-police represented by karma, the devil, god, sin, and The Pope. We humans generally believe that there is a higher moral order of truth that exists in “the unseen read more

Open Relationships Have Always Added to Our Life

I’m currently sitting at a restaurant near The Pentagon writing this blog. I just had the most amazing discussion with an ultra conservative, right wing, Born Again Christian, fundamentalist Special Ops, military guy (that’s how he described himself). He sat at the table next to me at dinner and began chatting about 9/11. We discussed where we each were at the time.

He asked what my background was, where I’m from, and was asking about my relationship. I’ll read more

Increasing the Frequency of Pleasure Increases Our Sense of Well-Being & Decreases Stress

Americans seek out sex in early summer and Christmas, according to a new study published this month in the Archives of Sexual Behavior. The study investigates seasonal trends in Google keyword searches, indicating 6-month cycles in America’s desire for sex.

The study’s results complement past research showing similar 6-month cycles in STI transmission, condom sales and abortions. read more

Top Ten Touch Skills – For Men To Learn

I’m leading a “Perfect Touch Mindset” seminar next weekend for men. The workshop is about helping men with the mindset necessary for improving their touch skills. When we can learn to touch another human being from our authenticity – in touch with our own true desires – while focusing our partner’s wants, needs and desires it’s magic. read more