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August 2014

Truth is Neither Universal Nor Absolute; It’s Cultural

Some things just outrage me. Yesterday, on NPR, I heard a 12 year old talk about why she thought “illegals” should be turned away from the US borders. She spoke about how these bad people were bringing drugs and disease into our country.

What blew my mind is that she said she thought the children should be sent home, or “better yet, put in jail.” And what’s particularly disturbing is that, many of the children coming to the US seeking asylum, are her age or younger.
A 12 year old, espousing the conservative company line, is particularly uncomfortable because it gets to the heart of why 12 year olds, living in war torn countries, are given guns and told to go “kill the bad people” to begin with. A 12 year old brain lacks the ability to think critically, so they get guns because they unquestioningly do what they’re told.
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