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November 2016

OM021 How Osama Bin Laden Voted For Donald Trump From His Grave

osama bin laden votes for president-trump

How Bin Laden Voted Trump From The Grave.

Donald Trump Tapped into Our Deep Sense of Feeling Lost, Hopeless, Fearful & Uncertain

So did Osama Bin Laden.

In this edgy episode, I invite you to think differently about how we are where we are…

and how something as simple as a tiny little conspiracy can

be a slippery slope towards feeling completely helpless, angry, isolated and xenophobic.

Though I refer to the “white guy” in this episode, it’s really more of a metaphor of

entitled, close minded thinking.

I think it’s an amazing episode personally, and I invite you to come on a difficult journey.

It will probably piss you off… but you are worth pissing off…

In reality, I hope this episode makes you think a bit differently and step out of the games

into a clear frame of reference.

Also, I am including a link to the original blog that this podcast is based on.

OM020 Guest Danny O’Neill – The Election Cycle

danny-oneill The Optimized Mind Podcast

OM020 Guest Danny O’Neill – The Election Cycle

In this episode I speak with sex positive pundit, entrepreneur and social activist, Danny O’Neill.

My intention in this episode is to give the younger generation a perspective on this

crazy election cycle.  I believe there is hope and I wanted to share that hope in

a broader social perspective – all the way back to the 1960’s.

I am an optimist and I believe in a better future… to a point.

Are we at that point?

That’s the point of my having Danny on the show.