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October 2017

OM028 The Power of The Blockchain with Griff Green of

The disruption of crypto currencies

The disruption of crypto currencies

OM028 The Power of The Block Chain with Griff Green

In this mega podcast (more like an epic-pod) Lawrence Lanoff, Co-Founder of and Griff Green, Founder of discuss all things blockchain and the nature of value. Our intention in this pod is to stimulate your mind and body around the deep ideas regarding Ether, Bitcoin, blockchain, Giveth and AI. It’s a huge discussion, covering a lot of ground. But, I promise you, if you have any interest in the crypto currency boom, you will want to dig deeply into this podcast. In it, we discuss the power of community and the gifting economy, which is part of the future of money.

When we can literally create currencies at the push of a button, what changes occur in the world?

You can find out about Griff project here

You can find out more about AI and the blockchain here

I trust this podcast will help your mind catch fire with the power of crypto currencies to disrupt the future of money.

OM027 The Delusion of Climate Change Denial

Episode: The Delusion of Climate Change Denial

Climate change is real. So is denial. What happens when we mix the worst of climate change with the worst of denial? President Trump and the head of the EPA.  Belief over science if how it is right now. And the narcissistic belief in belief is the huge challenge for the human brain.

The biggest mistake we make is that we believe in our beliefs – not considering the possibility that we could be wrong. However, if we also believe in heaven, then what happens here on earth is truly irrelevant. That’s the delusion and collusion of so many religions But what if there is not heaven. What if that idea is just plain incorrect? The challenge of the true believer is that the true believer doesn’t consider the possibility that he or she could be wrong. And in the case of climate change, even wronger than wrong.

This podcast is an exploration of this idea….