how to sex, how to enlightenment

The lessons in A Course in Freedom will teach you how the perceptual field of your mind works, how the drunken monkey is communicating with itself, and what you can do to lighten it up. Enlightenment is only the first stage of your spiritual path, and therefore, it is important to awaken sooner than later. No matter how advanced you are, when you finally awaken, you will find that you are in kindergarten again. All things are new, fresh, and without bounds -- uncertain and unlimited. Infinite. Yet, paradoxically we must still live in the world, awake, free, but functional in the mundane world of sleeping minds and drunken monkeys all clamoring for control of our life. Our brain is in the middle of a transition. It is still evolving, still working things out. It needs us to fully participate and engage in the next step of that evolution.
A Course in Freedom will offer you tools to see your life more and more clearly. It is up to you how far into the rabbit hole you desire to go.