OM025 The Religious War Of Santa’s Underwear

The Religious War Of Santa’s Underwear.

The updating of existing models of reality with NEW models of reality- and updating these models when better ones come along – is essential for a functional society.

However, this is NOT the world we are living in. People believe all kinds of things that are incorrect models – or as in the case of Santa’s underwear – are not even true at all. Yet, people are identified deeply with their beliefs – regardless of truth or factualness of those beliefs.

Truth is irrelevant to the believer.

In fact, for true believers and politicized believers, we are witnessing a digging in of their believes in the face of facts.

The threat to the current models of reality that most humans use to make

sense of everything, means there will be strong pushback against changing beliefs. And therein is the problem the true believers in Santa Clause’s Underwear.

This is the world we are living in. A world that cares deeply about the underwear Santa is wearing.






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