OM008-Loosing Your Virginity, Female Sexual Health and Will You Go To Hell?

  • May 12, 2016

Loosing Your Virginity, Female Sexual HealthLoosing Your Virginity, Female Sexual Health and Will You Go To Hell

In this episode, I look at the absurdity of sexual female suppression. We talk about why women are suppressed, how they are suppressed – and what the True meaning of hell is!

This incredible, life changing podcast includes a live meditation on hell.

As this podcast drops, I’m currently teaching in Mexico City. The level of brainwashing that is occurring in Mexican women makes me want to scream. Female sexual suppression is everywhere… however, it is extremely apparent here. Please listen to this podcast and allow it to plant seeds of empowerment.

For things to truly change regarding sexual expression and freedom, we need to see the depth of the levels of the psychological stripping away of pleasure for human existence.

True spiritual adulthood comes as we learn to embrace our deepest levels of sexual expression and freedom. Mommy and Daddy were wrong about a lot. Including your sexuality. It’s time to claim your power back.