Learning Is About Tangibly Changing Your Behaviors, Thoughts And Actions for EXPANDING Radical Self Acceptance™ PLEASURE and FREEDOM. 

  • Dismantle the Beliefs That Keep Your Imprisioned Sexually, Psychologically, and Financially. 

  • Learn The Power of Cultivating Pleasure - Your  KEY to Happiness.

  • Unleash the Power of A Focused Mind and an Awakened Body.

  • Discover and Experience How Living In Radical Self Acceptance Transforms Every Area Of Life

Series 1. RSA - The Art of Radical Self Acceptance Apprenticeship Program.


Radical Self Acceptance Sessions - are available by phone, Skype and in person on a limited basis.  These individual sessions are powerful ways to free your consciousness, liberate your sexuality and integrate the deepest, darkest areas of sexual shame and guilt. We have to directly SLAY THE DRAGONS of cultural indoctrination, shame, fear and guilt to attain TRUE LIBERATION. I'll be teaching the tools you need to take control of your mind, your body and your pleasure. These are excellent sessions for focusing on specific issues, including releasing blocks, fears, beliefs, shame, guilt as well as lineage pattern releases.

4000.00 USD per month.


Series 2. Private Membership Program - Sexual, Emotional and Psychological Freedom And Radical Self Acceptance


Part of my Radical Self Accetance Series (RSAS)-  ACIF asks the question: Are you living a life that is in tune with your Authentic Sexually Expressed Self (maximizing who you can be) or your fictional, limited self, violent thinking self (who your parents want you to be)?  ACIF - A Course In Freedom is an exclusive, ongoing membership that includes 2 private phone coaching sessions a month - with specific exercises and homework intended to help you completely transform any area of your life. This is my favorite way to work, since it allows us both to go deep and explore and transform every area of your life over time. The expression of your Authentic Self is the only thing that brings true peace to your life. For more information - email me directly at soullight@gmail.com

ACIF - Cost: 11995.00 USD per Quarter.

Series 3. The Art and Practice Of Sexual Energetic Intimacy - And The Art of ESP - Extended Sexual Pleasure.  
Sexual Energetics Expression and Mastery (SEEM) –  

This is a group of 8 sessions designed  for individuals and couples. Sessions focus on MASTERING EEI – Energetic Erotic Intelligence and Radical Self Expression. These sessions are critical in taking your sexual understanding to a completely new level. Sessions can range from beginning to the most advanced.

  • How To Unleash our Primal Sexual Essence

  • learning to STOP judging ourselves and our partners

  • understanding how to expand our own sexual energy and our PLEASURE Body

  • practicing Sexual Breathing for expanding PLEASURE

  • Opening to Full Body Energy Orgasms

  • developing the sensitivity of Sexual Energetics

  • learning how to clear and tap into the central core meridians of the body

  • Developing Emotional and Sexual Safety for Intimacy

  • learning how to use sexual energy to create magic in our relationships and lives

Individual Daka and Dakini support is available through this track - with Skills Training.

Cost: 19950.00 USD for A 12 session Series.