"Lawrence is the best trainer on the planet."

 This is YOUR Training To Help You Break Free Of Life's Stuply Sticky Boxes. 

 For Decades, Lawrence has been guiding people to lead energized, empowered lives filled with more intimacy, pleasure, money and freedom. Personalized training is about unlearning the boxes and moral codes and cultural programs impressed into our psyche since before birth.  Retraining our mind/body begins with developing the quality of openness,  awakening to mindfulness and FLOW STATES, and discovering the super-power of clarity.  Through a customized program, We UNLEASH your true actualized self on the planet so you can be more you. 

Ultimate Freedom Silver: Life Coaching,

Sex, Money, Energy and Relationships.


Intensive Practical Training Program - Attracting The Life You Desire

Coaching is about learning to be your complete self with respect to meeting, attracting, and ultimately intimately connecting with yourself and others. So often, we completely sell ourselves short when it comes to attracting a what we want in our lives, simply because we have no idea how to destroy the patterns that keep us small, finite in our thinking, and limited in the possibility of pleasure, connection, and full expression of our communication.

The ALT is about re-training and transforming ourselves completely in the ways that we engage, interact, communicate, self-talk, and cope with unmanageable sensations and feelings in our bodies as we seek our most intimate relationships. This revolutionary system begins within the body, then moves into other areas of life – including practical, in field training on symbolic-presentation, authentic connection, inner listening, non-violent communication, and energetic management of the emotional brain, and perfect-energy skills.


Phone/Skype $500.00 USD for the per hour. 


Ultimate Freedom Gold: 

Cave Time With Lawrence

Private Cave Days with Lawrence: Some of the deepest, most advanced teaching in life is transmitted in person, in “the cave”. If you are truly interested in Physical, Emotional, Sexual and Spiritual Enlightenment and want to explore your consciousness at the deepest levels of your being, and if you want to completely break free of the limitations of your mind and beliefs–then a cave day may be the exact thing you are looking for.  There is no topic that can’t be explored, uncovered, integrated.  I will bring in experts as needed for support and practice. 

Please contact Lawrence  directly:  soullight@gmail.com

Investment: $4977.00  Friday Night, Saturday Sunday


Ultimate Freedom Platinum.

Radical Self Acceptance Training –  A full year of Personal training with Lawrence. (RSA) The ultimate training in feeling incredible in your body, mind, life and spirit. A full lifestyle re-design and re-invention.

This offering is only for the most select individuals who are willing to do whatever it takes to completely transform their entire life and being from the inside out. This training is about attaining true awakened states of awareness and enlightenment. RSA represents a complete overhaul in thinking, beliefs, and life ideals. It includes de-programming of religious, moral, sexual, financial and pleasure-experience restrictions. It will explore complete vulnerability.

This program is about completely stepping out of the matrix, and operating in daily life at the level of awareness. 

I will warn you ahead of time, this is only for people who are willing to strip themselves of all beliefs, myths and stories that get in the way of enlightenment – which is basically a complete dissolution of the way our ego is currently structured.

  • This training will challenge everything you think you know about everything.

  • This training will develop true power, deep durable life-resiliency, and a sense of oneness with the flow of the entire universe.

  • RSA - includes two cave-weekends per year of intensive, one on one, restructuring and deprogramming of the body and mind.

I will occasionally bring in specialists to work on specific areas of life – including a full day of body de-armoring.


 Because of the intense commitment on my part, I only accept 4 people a year for this type of training.

Please contact me directly – soullight@gmail.com – Please put the word TRAINING in the header


INVESTMENT in YOU: One-time payment


$49997.00  for the Year.