Sex Lowers Blood Pressure, Improves our Health, & Improves our Outlook on Life

March 3, 2010

About seven years ago, I realized that I could attain sublime states of consciousness through consciously experiencing sex, pleasure, and vulnerability. What many people call awakened states of consciousness actually mirrors orgasmic bliss.

The exalted state of Buddhist nothingness is an exact replica of falling off the cliff of orgasmic vulnerability and openness.

I'm kinda lazy, so I focus on sex. Sex is a simple path to awakened states, and it lowers blood pressure, improves our health, gives us a better outlook on life, and can lead to deep connections to ourselves and others.

When I hear spiritual drivel from people saying that attachment is bad, all I can think of is somebody who has never had a great relationship, much less awesome sex.

To understand sex, to understand connection, is to understand our humanity.

In the early days of my spiritual path, I noticed that whenever I had profound meditations, I would always feel very horny and sexually rambunctious. I was filled with pleasure and wanted to share it with someone else - physically.

Sex and the "spiritual experience" use some of the same mechanisms within the brain to achieve the same results. Sex is bliss.

So, I have officially given up the old paradigms of pain and suffering as the path to glory. Suffering as the great spiritual path was clearly created by a bunch of posthumously-famous, psychotic masochists who came up with mediocre ideas to get frightened, unhappy people to be OK with their misery, all the while leading them towards the imaginary exit door of life, where heaven awaits to those who are goodly - after we're dead.

Fuck that.

I'm following another path - one of fun, passion, sensuality, sexuality, creativity, and pleasure.
In my universe, it's ok to feel good. It's a shocking idea, I know, but certainly worth trying on.

In my universe, the opposite of feeling good is feeling great. That's my idea of a spiritual path that's worthy of my attention.

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