Someday Soon We will Achieve Genital Liberation

April 21, 2010

At some point, we will profoundly alter our brains regarding our experience of sexuality.

Currently we are living in the dark ages concerning sex. We continue to desperately hold ancient religious and biblical beliefs as our sexual guideposts.

However, whether it's in the next 100 years or 1,000 years, the current restrictions of God and religion upon our genitals will be lifted.

Someday my friends, we will achieve genital liberation.

Our childlike beliefs about sex will clash with science, technology, and reality to the point where our pleasure will be set free.

As the fog lifts, we will find many different uses for our freedom. For example, we may utilize the pleasure pathways to decrease depression, alter moods, change our outlook on life.

Even in our current limited beliefs we know that people having ample sex tend to be happier.

And if Steve Jobs can live long enough, I'm sure he will come up with the iPleasure. Much like it's sister, the iPad, which focuses on pleasure for the eyes, the iPleasure will focus on what's really important: making us orgasm deliciously hard for as long as we desire.

The treadmill will go the way of the dinosaur once people realize the cardio-vasular benefits of continual orgasm.

Us tantric minded folks are already aware of this reality.

Just as the internet continues to bring a revolution to the human psyche, so will hacking our pleasure centers expand our reality of human pleasure.

For example if we could physically expand the responses of our pleasure receptors - intensifying pleasure by 10, 20 or 100 fold - just imagine what that might feel like?

This will be sexual enlightenment.

In order to do this, we must first and foremost change our minds. Our beliefs will keep us penned into genital kindergarten until we free ourselves.

Free our minds and our genitals will certainly follow.

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