It Was Pure Sex Energy - Transcendence - Independent of the Male, Female Form

May 10, 2010

Last night, I soaked in the watsu pools, under the stars, as I moved in and out of a massive "play party", that undulated on for over three hours, inside the Sedona Temple.

When we are sex positive, and we get together with a group of our 100 closest sex-positive friends, this is exactly what happens - openness, nakedness, and sexuality. Pure pleasure, unmatched by any experience in everyday life.

For much of the party, I was soaking with four friends, flowing together in our own erotic, tantric bliss bubble, shifting between, laughter, ecstasy, orgasm, and reverent silence.

During the evening, this is exactly how things move. There are furious fits of energy, orgasms, screams, followed by moments of silence and gentle moans, like waves rolling, then crashing into the shore.

A dear friend of mine stepped out of the intense action of the party, and into the soaking pools. I could tell he was in an erotic altered state. When I asked him what was happening, he told me that he had his first experience of pure sex energy - transcendence - independent of the male, female form. "When I looked at all of those naked bodies, I lost myself, and suddenly found I was pure sexual energy. There was no longer shame, no longer an individual body, just energy." He could barely speak.

Sex is the meditation. Sex is the prayer.

Beyond our forms, our shapes, our skin colors, our ideologies, our myths and beliefs - beyond all of that, there is sex.

No man, no woman. Pure sexual, sensual energy pulsating as one in a sea of human pleasure.

For me, this is the essence of a spiritual life.

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