Lawrence's Secret Pleasure Technique for Deep Brain Sex

July 15, 2010

For those of us interested in geeky energtic, tantric, deep brain sex, I want to share a secret pleasure technique, viewed through the lens of brain science.

Let's begin with a basic brain cell primer. The off-the-rack brain cell is called the neuron. Axons are very long projections or cables of neurons from the brain that offer feedback about the surrounding environment.

Over time, glial cells wrap around the axon projections and form a myelin sheath - a kind of fatty insulation - which increases the efficiency and speed of electrical waves moving up and down the axon.

We aren't born with this insulation, but we develop it over time - through repeated use of particular neural pathways.

The tip of the clitoris is at the end of one of these long projections from the brain. Therefore, the clitoris offers an opportunity for us to "wire up" and insulate a rich pathway of pleasure. My secret technique is intended to do just that. Even if you have little or no feeling, just relax, practice the exercise daily, and watch what happens.

To experience the full power of the technique, take a deep breath now, and imagine the clitoris as a feeler, an sensitive fingertip extending out directly from the brain, passing sensory rich information about our sexual environment.

Now imagine the clitoris is wrapped in beautiful, golden threads of pulsing light that travel to and from your inner brain to the clitoral tip, pulsing a gentle current of pleasure back and forth. Take another deep breath, and notice the pulsing awaken something deeper inside. Let that warm feeling expand in your body. Feel the glow from your clitoris to your brain. Notice how the brain awakens. Send the awakened pleasure back down to your clit, and circle it back up again. This The Golden Circle of Pleasure.

I run The Golden Circle of Pleasure within myself all the time. I love the way it makes me feel inside.

We can use this technique anytime, anywhere, to feel awesome in our brain and body. Nobody has to know why our smiles shine so brightly.

That will be our secret.

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