The Beauty of Adulthood is That Our Beliefs Can Change to Adapt to Reality

January 1, 2012

Friday night I was eating at my favorite late night Hollywood Thai dive. Next to me was a table of Thai boys. Very gay Thai boys meeting up after the clubs closed. And I thought to myself, “how beautiful it is that gayness expresses itself across global cultures.”

I felt warm inside that Thai gay boys had found ways to connect in Los Angeles - thousands of miles away from home - and light years away from their native culture. They had found community and home in L.A.

Yet something had been gnawing at me all week because last week the Pope came out with his annual Christmas speech and spoke a bunch of drivel about gay folks.

Basically, The Pope believes that gay people are tossing off their “god given” gender identities to choose being gay - and specifically go against God.

What an ignorant man. Gayness is not a “choice” for a lot of people. It’s an “is” - a fact. Like the sunrise.

And that’s what bothers me about The Pope’s comments. He is adding division, ignorance and guilt and shame to an already volatile global discussion about gays people.

If a religious leader pretends to be anything, generally they try to at least pretend to be compassionate. But there is no compassion in The Pope’s comments about gay folks. He’s only adding fuel to the huge, ignorant lie that confuses the issue of sexual gender for gays and non-gays alike. This kind of outspoken ignorance by The Pope elevates shame, guilt and fear in people’s lives regarding their supposedly “shameful” sexual identities and choices.

This is total cow dung.

However, the reason The Pope has to go there is because, if he looks at reality clearly, and sees that the entire planet is populated with gay folks cross culturally, then that means his deepest held beliefs about his God are incorrect.

Look, I’m not a pope, but if I had the opportunity to make a huge speech to a billion people, I’d talk about freedom, sexual adulthood, and the importance of loving and accepting people the way they are - including their gayness.

The bottom line is that If the world doesn’t fit with our beliefs, it’s not the world that’s the problem. The beauty of adulthood is that our beliefs can change to adapt to reality. That’s called learning. That’s called adulthood. That’s true power! And you don’t need white robes or anointing to claim that power in your own life, right now, today. You just need the courage to face reality.

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