We Can Wander, Walk, Soak, Dance, Eat, Play in Total Nakedness

May 23, 2012

When we roll off the main road, it’s like entering a desert wonderland. Within an hour we are in another world. One inhabited by joshua trees, African mules and tiny desert creatures. Skies of blue and wisps of white dance overhead. We’ve been coming to this quiet paradise for years.

The road to paradise is hard. Really hard. It takes 3 hours to go 40 miles. When we finally crest the mountain ridge, the incredible dry lake bed valley looms below and suddenly it’s clear; this is no ordinary trip.

Dry, dusty, bouncy, we arrive at the springs an hour before sunset. Enough time to find a comfortable spot for the night. And there, in the middle of nowhere, a tan, naked man strolls down a sandy road towards us. He’s coming to say hello before he jumps in the hot springs. Naked hot springs.

It’s one of the few truly open places where we can wander, walk, soak, dance, eat, play in total nakedness, in the middle of nowhere. It feels free. So free.

In fact, we really don’t realize how constrained we are, how unnatural it is to wear clothes all the time, until we don’t have to wear clothes for days at a time.

We are the animal who has created a society of constraints on us animals that are completely out of touch with our fun, pleasure and freedom. And our nakedness. But in this place, nakedness rules.

It quickly becomes a way of life. We can drop clothes in a moments notice - even on a hike. On one hot, difficult hike, we found an ice cold waterfall. A sudden flurry of hiking shoes, socks shirts and pants ensued ending in an ice cold mountain waterfall skinny dip plunge with a bunch of naked strangers. As well as naked hiking the rest of the way up.

After 4 days of this, my whole being is now relaxed as we completely let go to our hot water paradise in the middle of desert-nowhere. It is here we find our naturalness, our like minded friendships, our hot water night soaks under overflowing star filled skies. It is here in naked paradise that we quietly remember who we are.

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