The More Open Person in the Relationship Can Get Shut Down by the Closed, Afraid Person

September 30, 2012

I did a tantric session on a friend last night. Her energy was very shut down and hurt from a recent break up. It wasn’t as much the break up as it was what happened to her over the course of the year. I know her to be a vivacious woman, yet she was coming to me far removed from that power.

Sadly, I see this pattern so often. One person’s sexual expression is restricted and controlled by another partner’s sexual limitations, cultural programmings, lack of experience or personal insecurities. The more open person in the relationship can get shut down by the closed, afraid person.

In scanning her body, I noticed there was a ton of blocked energy, even pain in her womb. I noticed that her body had taken on the sexually repressed energy of her ex-partner. as if it was her own sexual guilt and shame. His puritanical thinking restricted her sexuality in her physical body. I could see the energy in her womb was completely shut down.

When I read an energy, it’s as if I experience it in my own body. I let my mirror neurons work their magic and tell me exactly what it feels like inside this person’s experience. In this case, when I felt into my own womb, and I felt numb and ashamed.

I reported this back to my friend. She nodded in agreed. I also noticed quite a bit of sexual guilt. Once we defined the energy, we went to work – for about 3 hours. I taught her a technique that I learned while leading a ritual in Hawaii created to make offerings to Pele - The Goddess of Fire. It was from her that I realized the power of molten lava as a transformational metaphor.

Molten lava, visualized swirling in the womb, absolutely destroys all guilt, shame, blame, and sexual restriction. It vaporizes it! It’s amazing to see and feel. Suddenly, where there was all this gunk, shame, restriction, guilt - there is openness and freedom.

Flow represents our natural state of health. Flow is power. Flow is empowered thinking. Molten lava is a powerful flow-metaphor for the natural transformational state of the womb, shifting from a storehouse of sexual shame and guilt, to a powerhouse of fiery-fearlessness and freedom.



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