I Can Choose to Believe in an Open, Receptive, Fun, Pleasurable Sex Positive Universe

November 7, 2012

I’m just home from the Yoga, Sex, Feminism conference in Dallas. It was incredible - beyond my expectations-and my body is abuzz with energy. I love being around people who get that pleasure, bliss, joy, happiness are empowered qualities to aspire to and live life from.

I awakened to the idea of pleasure as purpose in 2006. I’ll blog more about this one day if folks are interested, but that’s when it all came together for me. I realized that we can choose the rules of the game that we live by and play by. For example, I can choose to believe in a punishing, shame based, sexually oppressive universe, or I can choose to believe in an open, receptive, fun, pleasurable sex positive universe. Both are just ideas - but one generally makes me feel great, and the other generally makes me feel terrible.

In my life, I prefer the pleasure based framework. In my experience, it feels good to feel good. In fact, it feels great to consciously cultivate the feeling of juicy energy in my body. And that was my message in all my classes in Dallas.

In a nutshell - It’s time that we take back our bodies and our pleasure.

Contrary to popular belief, the reality is that our bodies belong to us. Not our parents, children, spouses, relatives, etc. Our bodies belong to us. So then it is up to us to determine what rules of our bodies that we are going to live by. For me, it’s the idea that it’s perfectly OK, in fact necessary, to feel pleasure in my body. To feel absolutely fantastic throughout my day.

In my universe, pleasure is in itself enough purpose.

And once I realized that it’s up to me to make the rules up of my life - to live the life that I want to live - then I realized it’s also up to me to decide how I want to live. And I want to live in my bliss and pleasure as much as possible.

For me, my bliss is directly related to my sense of wellbeing, to the energy and aliveness I feel in my body. When I feel good, the whole world feels like a more beautiful, happy place. And that’s when it hit me: my embodied pleasure is my enlightenment.

A friend of mine said that, when I shared this idea with him, his whole world turned upside down. He always thought that the number one rule of the game was the understanding that all life is suffering - and this is what he teaches. How different does it feel to try on the idea that life can be pleasure filled. That pleasure in itself is enough purpose, and that feeling the orgasmic flow of life is a remarkable place to live life from. It excites me to see the light bulb of pleasure turning on in people’s minds. It’s so self-empowering and it’s something that can change right here, right now, in an instant.

The bottom line: play with the idea that life can be lived from a framework of pleasure, joy, inner bliss and freedom. That in turn feeds on itself and intensifies the feelings of bliss, joy and inner freedom, which means more there’s more room inside for more and more pleasure, right here, right now.



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