Go F@#% Yourself

October 11, 2013

I’m dedicating this blog to my Calgary Tribe. I was just teaching in Calgary with Monique Darling and Rovena Skye - and quite suddenly, we came to the last meditation of our epic weekend-long workshop. The entire group lay in a puppy pile on the floor, feeling the overall sense of bliss that can only be uncovered from releasing lots of beliefs, myths and frames that limit our pleasure.

In a flash, I realized that the best thing that I could do to close the circle was to wish them a very sacred prayer. Now before I tell you what that prayer is, I want to say last time I wrote a blog like this, some of my readers asked me if I was on drugs.

So I want to begin this blog by saying I’m definitely not on drugs - at least not external ones! The internal drug is the drug of love, of connection, vulnerability, and confronting and softening into my edges.
That being said, I’ll now tell you what my prayer was. I said that “The most spiritual words that I can think to say to you in this moment are these, just two words, fuck yourself. Fuck yourself.”

Now, let me explain. To the casual reader, this may seem like some kind of slander, but the reality is, it is the most beautiful thing I can say. To tell somebody I love to go fuck them selves.

Fuck yourself - well. Fuck yourself in ways that you have never been fucked. Learn to fuck yourself. Learn to soften and open. Learn to be spacious and vulnerable. Learn to fuck yourself open.

Now, fucking yourself the way I am speaking it means opening your heart, opening your belly, blowing your mind, relaxing your womb, opening your pussy, relaxing your legs, relaxing your toes, relaxing your ass, relaxing your body as a whole and being open to being fucked by your experience. From this fucked open place, when you eat, you’re eating with your entire body, not just your mouth.

Your body can participate in eating. You can fuck yourself as you eat, because fucking yourself is really about awareness. An awareness of pleasure and awareness of the possibility that you can learn to live your life, more and more, in an ecstatic State Of Fuck.

And so, when you are in this state of ecstasy, and you are living in that through your entire body, good things happen in your life. Because you’re able to participate in life at an entirely different level, a level of ecstasy and bliss, freedom and fun.

So I sincerely say this to you too, dear reader: Go fuck yourself and learn to fuck yourself well. Find out what turns you on. Find out what sets you free in your pleasure and relaxes your mind and makes you more and more available to participate in life.

The difference that makes the difference is to go from not fucking yourself and not loving yourself and not being in that place of kindness and compassion for yourself, to a place of self-love, self-connection, self-touch, self-bliss and fucking yourself well.

You deserve to be fucked by yourself. You deserve to be fucked open by the simple things in life that leave you breathless and soft, juicy and open.

So my prayer to you on this day is for you to go fuck yourself!

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