Is Bitcoin Good For Sex?

December 23, 2013

The recent rise of awareness of Bitcoin makes me wonder if Bitcoin is good for sex.

Having been involved in Bitcoin for the last 3 years or so, I can say unequivocally, Bitcoin is amazing for sex.

Here's why. When we consider the U.S. dollar, what comes attached to it is a ton of emotion. Studies show that financial stress is a major player in relationship strife. Money conversations are hard. Poverty is not fun.

However, Bitcoin is all about flow. It's free of the emotional baggage associated with dollars. It's free of the drama and history of cash. That's because Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency. It exists only virtually - yet can be used and transferred very practically. Predictions for Bitcoin have been all across the board, but many believe Bitcoin will be at 10000 dollars per coin within the next two years. (as of this writing it is currently at 640 dollars per coin.

Here’s the thing: when we can experience the "flow of money" it makes us more generous in spirit. Easy come, easy flow is my motto. And generous is exactly how I feel when it comes to Bitcoin. I love talking about it and when my portfolio is up, I love sharing in the wealth. Basically, Bitcoin is revolutionizing money, which means that it is revolutionizing sex. And because it is considered to be an anonymous currency, it could also be used to pay for sex without leaving a trail - but that’s another story for another blog.

So, for me, Bitcoin and sex go hand in hand. For example, I wanted to ensure that my girlfriend is taken care of no matter what happens in our lives. So I transferred some Bitcoin her way - into her own wallet - so she can have a long term investment that will offer her security.

Safety and security is essential for good sex, because it allows for total freedom of love, vulnerability and self expression. And that’s how I feel about Bitcoin: secure, abundant and free - and all of those definitely make for abundant love and better sex.

And incase any readers are feeling particularly in flow, my Bitcoin address is 1AhSze8K5DV2HsxYuWswBohCRTPcK4dsZH

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