The Secret to a Quiet Mind is Pleasure, Bliss, & Orgasm

December 24, 2013

I’m a published author of a self help book, so lots of people ask me deep questions about the meaning of life. I’m always taken aback by the sincerity of the questioners. Today, for example, I was working with a friend, and he said to me, “ I have no idea who I am, inside,” with great sadness.

He described his ego/mind as loud, chatty, and aggressive when he thinks about himself and his sexual needs.

One of my favorite exercises for bringing this agro-mind-talk phenomenon into conscious awareness is having a person stand naked in front of a mirror and listen closely to the inner voices that come up about their body. Who we believe we are on the inside tends to come to the forefront when we are faced with viewing our naked skin on the outside.

Like many of us, our self esteem regarding our bodies can be very negative and agressive. When my friend looks at himself in the mirror, he says, “I am a fat pig.”

However, when I teach people about sexual empowerment - when I teach about sexual expansion and freedom - something amazing happens: those inner voices of the mind get very, very quiet.

For me, the secret to a quiet mind is pleasure, bliss, and orgasm. These things are highly underrated on our spiritual path. I”m not certain how they got such a bad rap, but I’m sure it has something to do the fact that happy, sexually empowered people are much harder to control, and certainly don’t like the taste of bullshit.

Whatever the reason, as far as I’m concerned, it’s time for a change. After teaching my friend some basic orgasmic touch and breathing exercises, I asked him who he thought he was NOW. As it turns out, when he is in his orgasmic bliss - the question of self is irrelevant. In our bliss, deep, unanswerable questions seem out of place and out of touch.

I feel as though asking “who am I” is a complete waste of time because, for the most part, whoever we believe ourselves to be is completely unprovable anyway. It’s a bunch of theory, projections, feelings and conjecture.

We don’t have a fucking clue who we really are - but somehow we diminish the importance of fucking. Orgasm, sex, and pleasure can help us to literally redefine our identities.

Sex, pleasure, and bliss are my spirituality, and I do my best to open people’s eyes to the simplicity of this sweet and delicious spiritual path.

It’s true, sex will not feed the hungry, but neither will a bunch of bibles.

The bottom line is this: We won’t worry about who we are, or the voices in our heads when we are flowing in our ecstasy, pleasure, and bliss. So, join me as we take a rich, deep, breath from our pussies and cocks, and raise a vibrator to feeling good, and experiencing oneness with the universe.

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