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OM006-How To Marry Sex and Religion

How To Marry Sex and Religion Where do we draw the line between religious, spiritual belief systems – and our pleasure? Part of navigating adulthood is trying to figure out myths from reality – especially when it comes to sex. In this inbetween-a-sode we take a harsh look at the religious games people play – though the lens of a current cult – and show how we’ve been sold the same stories, over and over again for the last 5,000 years or so.  In order to embrace pleasure, you have to be willing to embrace reality – because sex happens in our bodies and religion happens in our minds. The body is the way out of the mind.

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OM002-Your Symbolic Brain

Your Symbolic Brain

Welcome to an explanation of your symbolic brain. This podcast was recorded immediately after waking up from a dream where I was speaking to over 1 million people about this idea. We literally will be unable to evolve as a functional society, until we understand the remarkable power of the symbolic brain.

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Who Am I? A New Take On An Old Question

Who Am I is a question that can be used to lead you to mythological liberation – or into pain, suffering and self abuse. It’s up to you. This is a new take on an old question!

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Perfection Is A Made Up Story

We can be our own worst critics. Not only is it true, but recent studies also show that being hyper-critical of ourselves is also detrimental to our health.
So now I’m going to let you in on a secret. My biggest spiritual insight over the last decade was realizing the value and importance of self compassion. There’s a lot of psudo spiritual talk in our culture about granting others compassion and non-judgementalness – but what about self-compassion? read more

How To Date Within Your Species

This blog is a further exploration of my last post about female sex drive.

My friend Reid and I were talking about sexual relationships, and he had a brilliant realization that he shared with me. He calls it ‘dating within your species’.

In intimate relationships, it’s important to get a reasonable match read more

Open Relationships Have Always Added to Our Life

I’m currently sitting at a restaurant near The Pentagon writing this blog. I just had the most amazing discussion with an ultra conservative, right wing, Born Again Christian, fundamentalist Special Ops, military guy (that’s how he described himself). He sat at the table next to me at dinner and began chatting about 9/11. We discussed where we each were at the time.

He asked what my background was, where I’m from, and was asking about my relationship. I’ll read more

Is Celibacy Even Possible?

Many people, including the Catholic Church, believe that the highest form of human evolution is the transcendence of sex in the form of celibacy. But as Church sex scandals abound, the question we really need to ask is: is celibacy possible?
I’ll get back to this question in a moment, but first I want to explore what an ideal is. An ideal is a value principle that we pursue as a goal. We humans are interesting animals in the sense that many of us live our lives guided by ideals. read more

Why The World Will NOT End In Your Lifetime – Guaranteed!

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. I’m balls deep in the cave writing my latest book. But I had to come out of the cave to make the most public statement I can make here on
Are you ready? The world will still be here on the 22nd of December 2012. It will also be here on the 1st of January 2013. And it will also be here a long after the people who make these empty predictions come and go.
It’s not that you won’t die. You will. So will I. The mistake we make is in thinking that the universe gives a shit about you and me. It doesn’t. We are not that important from a universal perspective. In fact, regardless of the lies we tell ourselves, we are not important at all – and I’m perfectly read more

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