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OM008-Loosing Your Virginity, Female Sexual Health and Will You Go To Hell?

Loosing Your Virginity, Female Sexual HealthLoosing Your Virginity, Female Sexual Health and Will You Go To Hell

In this episode, I look at the absurdity of sexual female suppression. We talk about why women are suppressed, how they are suppressed – and what the True meaning of hell is!

This incredible, life changing podcast includes a live meditation on hell.

As this podcast drops, I’m currently teaching in Mexico City. The level of brainwashing that is occurring in Mexican women makes me want to scream. Female sexual suppression is everywhere… however, it is extremely apparent here. Please listen to this podcast and allow it to plant seeds of empowerment.

For things to truly change regarding sexual expression and freedom, we need to see the depth of the levels of the psychological stripping away of pleasure for human existence.

True spiritual adulthood comes as we learn to embrace our deepest levels of sexual expression and freedom. Mommy and Daddy were wrong about a lot. Including your sexuality. It’s time to claim your power back.

OM007-The 5 Games Overview – A New Paradigm of Spirituality

The 5 Games - A Paradigm ShiftIn this episode of The Optimized Mind, I give an overview of the 5 games. The 5 games may be one of the most powerful tools for life. So what are the 5 games? And how can understanding of the 5 games help you shortcut all spiritual, religious and new age thinking. Understanding the 5 games will ultimately allow you to break free of your drunken monkey mind. It’s an essential aspect of a life optimized for well being, health and happiness…

OM006-How To Marry Sex and Religion

How To Marry Sex and Religion Where do we draw the line between religious, spiritual belief systems – and our pleasure? Part of navigating adulthood is trying to figure out myths from reality – especially when it comes to sex. In this inbetween-a-sode we take a harsh look at the religious games people play – though the lens of a current cult – and show how we’ve been sold the same stories, over and over again for the last 5,000 years or so.  In order to embrace pleasure, you have to be willing to embrace reality – because sex happens in our bodies and religion happens in our minds. The body is the way out of the mind.

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The Image of God Has Taken on its Own Identity

Here’s something crazy. A recent scientific study showed that anthropomorphic forms (things that aren’t human but look human) “inhibit the tendency to extend the self.”

This means that the more human something looks, the more we believe that it’s separate and independent from us.
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Ask 100 People What God is & We Will Get 100 Different Answers

A friend of mine once said that the only way to get massive amounts of sexual access to women, with limited strings attached, is to start a cult.

I had to laugh, because in my experience, that’s exactly right.

I’ve known, worked with, and been friends with quite a few cult leaders over the years. Most of them don’t even realize they are cult leaders. All of them believe they are doing “God’s” work.

Perhaps the most dangerous of all the beliefs that cults operate from is
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F*ck Them All & Let the Sperm Fight it Out

Historically, humans have always been “unfaithful.” However, the idea of unfaithful vs faithful is a religious myth, designed to help ensure paternity. The myth of the unfaithful pressures the emotional centers of the brain, and makes us feel ashamed, guilty, afraid of our sexuality.
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Sex is Our Humanity

People claim that humans are here on earth for a variety of reasons. There are all kinds of theories as to our origins – from Adam and Eve, to an Anunnaki alien experiments, from extra-terrestrial star children, to the cycle of death and rebirth, from the idea that all life is an illusion, to the idea that the true reality is oneness.

All of these are great stories, and they are all true in this sense: They are completely made up, and they completely miss one key point. Sex.

In my mind, humans exist unquestionably for one purpose; to have sex. Sex has made us who we are today. Without sex, there is no humanity, there are no myths, no religion, no stories, no us.
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To Be Or Not To Be Monogamous

I’m writing this post to two friends who are at life crossroads. My first friend is a 69 year old man who recently met a woman whom he deeply loves. The problem he has is that he feels very “naturally” polyamorous. He wants occasional sex with other people. She, on the other hand wants to “go deep” with one person for the rest of her life. She wants “to discover the depth that’s possible with a lifetime of monogamy.”

My other friend is a young woman who is sexually very free. She wants to taste and explore the world. She wants sex. She loves sex. read more

Women are Figuring Out that They have Always had the Power

I have an idea. And I’m going to share it with you in a moment. But first, I want to talk about a change that I see happening in the myth of the female psyche.

The current myth is that open female sexuality is slutish. Most sex is evil. That menstrual blood is dirty. That a sexually expressed female is a whore. However, I’m noticing that a lot of younger girls are not buying it.

That’s because these myths are just scams, enacted by men to completely dominate and control female sexuality – to the point where they have even tricked women into policing
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