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Because the Opposite of Pleasure is... More Pleasure....


"I spent years on a journey of learning about growth and spirituality without actually experiencing much of either. Lawrence was able to shift my paradigms and ingrained beliefs to allow massive growth and deep integration of my experiences and knowledge." 

N.H. - Washington DC


TANTRA -X Formula -This is the Original Tantra Program that will teach you how to immediately upgrade your sexual life skills.
I will train YOU about the basics of depth, touch skills, more intimacy and mind blowing Tantric Sex - without all the woo-woo! And it's Lots of FUN!
" Holy #$^*@! I used that comfort  touch move you showed me in Tantra-X. I Used it last night and the girl literally went beserk. That might be the best thing I have learned.  After seriously like a 30 orgasms she couldn't take anymore and screamed 'what the #!$% did you do to me!'  It was awesome. I can't tell you how happy it made me!  I hope she tells all her friends and I get a rep."
JM - Newport Beach, CA


If you're like most people you either want to be having better sex with your partner, or you want to be getting HOTTER, Deeper, more connected sexual experiences than you're getting right now - or both. You probably also wished you knew how to ask for what you really want in bed to unleash your total passionate, open, sexual self! 

And if you are like most men, you don’t have a clue about what women really want, and how women honestly feel about you sexually. Most guys, underneath it all, are sexually insecure. They over compensate - which gets in the way of great sex. 

The Tantra X Formula is for YOU! 


My Advanced Brain Download - The Whole Kaboodle. Because the opposite of pleasure is... More Pleasure...


Upgrade Your Sexual Life Skills!!!!!


I recently developed a new technology that will allow you to have a life filled with an abundant supply of sexual partner. 


Here's the reality. Women want sex as much as men do - actually even more than men do. Have you ever heard a neighbor having sex? When you hear a woman experiencing pleasure, there’s really nothing like it. it’s impossible to concentrate because we are all, men and women, drawn to female pleasure.  But the thing is women have to go about getting their sexual needs fulfilled in a completely different way than men do. They have to be stealth, undercover, or else they risk being labeled “whore” or “slut.”


If you really want to access unbridled sexual pleasure, then you have to do the work to completely let go of your morality and judgements around female sexuality specifically.


Your beliefs about sex are not yours anyway. It's bad habits that you inherited from religion, culture and family.


Moreover, if you want to really step out of the matrix, you have to completely let go of beliefs inside of you that inhibit your and your partner's sexual expression. 


Tantra X University is your Key to Authentic Orgasmic Pleasure!




TANTRA-X LIVE Learn From My sEXPERT Friends...


The biggest complaint I get from women, over and over and over again is that men don’t know how to touch them or make love to them - well.  They tend to be Quick Draw MaGraw, Jack Hammer Jim, or Viagra-Van Damme.  Or worse yet, they can't rise to the occation. 


And you know what... that at one time or another probably includes you


You don't believe me? In Tantra-X LIVE TRAINING, you'll hear it from their own mouths. Each month, I have different sexperts speaking about the truth and reality of sex as they see it. Raw. True. Uncensored. 


Topics for training include sex education, squirting techniques, touch techniques and a POWERFUL INTERVIEW with Chris Ryan, PhD - Author of Sex At Dawn. This is an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW for members of Tantra X Live ONLY.