What Others Are Saying About Lawrence  -


"Worked with Lawrence as well for a Full Year - It was some of the best coaching I've ever received."


"Lawrence is worth every penny of investment...and mark my words, it's investment for you, but investment for him too. I owe all of my exponential growth to Lawrences teaching and energy work. "

AT - Calgary, CA


I Worked with Lawrence and It was some of the best coaching I've ever received.

TA - Venice, CA


First and foremost, Thank You for everything up to this point!
I'm still in shock as I write this this morning. I can't even begin to describe what happened last night, but I'm sure you know. For the first time, since the Co-Ed Energetic Sex Workshop, We were finally able to tap into what you  taught us and had a solid hour of pure energetic sex...no point A into slot B bullshit until the last 10 minutes and even that wasn't the same. 
Like you say, the Opposite of Pleasure is more Pleasure...now we're shooting for 2 hours! 

IG - San Diego



Thank you Lawrence Lanoff for such a great journey. The lifes that were transformed, the things the walls saw, the fun and pleasure that were opened to, the beliefs that were able to be sat down, at least for a moment, and all of the "heart fuck" toboggans!!!!
I so love and appreciate you!! always and in all ways -

LD -  Provo, UT


THIS WEEKEND I HAD A LAWRENCE LANOFF EXPERIENCE THAT WAS FREAKING AWESOME!!! I'm still reeling from the workshops and being around such wonderfully positive people. Using energy to heal, create a happier life and personal space and to further creativity is something that fulfills me on a soul level. I'll need a day to recover and continue to absorb all the good vibrations, but overall, the experience was nothing short of ... dynamic. Monique Darling, Lawrence Lanoff. Look for Lawrence's book, A Course in Freedom: The Drunken Monkey Speaks which is out now -

NK - Chicago, IL


Lawrence Lanoff, feeling the deepest gratitude for you! Thank you for your willingness to hear my deepest "shit" for offering me witnessing on my most taboo "fantasy" thoughts.... It was scary to share because YOU are part of it. As you took it in, admits all my nervous giggling, and uncomfortable squirming, with your infamous, "is that all you got?"



Thanks for the video and inspiring us as always Lawrence! Perfect timing as I've been playing with this concept of flow vs power/control a lot lately and really had an incredible week of flow



Absolutely amazed and moved...and feeling wonderful after a great night of exchanging energy in NYC...Thank you Lawrence Lanoff....for what you do...much Love!!!

SA - New York, NY


Lawrence Lanoff you are as hot as......!!!!

CG - Chicago, Il


Thank you so much for an amazing experience. I feel like the most profound part was something to do with being able to send my fear out and use FEAR to direct my energy.  It was really big for me to see that I could "drill" through you even while feeling a lot of fear and I'd love to have a word "handle" to remind myself of this precious teaching/learning.

SA - San Francisco, CA



Thank you Lawrence Lanoff - You've made it possibly for me to be the fullest expression of myself and embrace my feminine power! Thank you for helping me grow, thank you for Your friendship and thank you for being an amazing, wonderful, abundantly beautiful, loving being!

NJ - Sedona, AZ


Dear Lawrence,
You are so precious. Thank you for sharing yourself with us and helping facilitate such a wonderful evening. It was such a pleasure to meet you and be with you. Come back soon!

TD -