All-Inclusive Life Coaching, Spiritual Awakening, and Tantric Sex

Life Coach Services in Santa Monica

Discover the benefits of having inner peace in your life and how it can help shape your reality into a profound experience full of positivity and growth.

Tantric Sex Coaching in Los Angeles

Learn about the art of tantric sex, sexual freedom, and acceptance to reinvigorate your outlook towards establishing deep connections with another person.

Personal Coaching in Venice California

Reassess the questions you have about your traditional belief system, how it affects your life, and learn how to connect with your own ideas.

A Preview on What I Offer

 Life Coaching | Wellness & Positivity | Love Life Mentoring

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The Lawrence Lanoff Life Coach Service

As a life coach for men and a life coach for women too, I have a fuller understanding on how people tend to think. Through my life coaching service, you’ll be able to:

  • Dismantle Beliefs That Keep You Feeling Endlessly Empty and Broken. (this includes Your Sexuality, Your Life Purpose, and Your Money)
  • Learn The Healing Power of Pleasure! (This is Your KEY to long term Happiness and Well Being)
  • Discover the Power of Enlightened Sex (And Naturally Attract THE Perfect Partner)
  • Discover How Radical Self Acceptance will Transform Every Area Of Your Life
  • Unleash Your Natural State of Presence, Mindfulness and an Awakened Body

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